Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Senior Prank 2009 Pix

I was able to get these pix from one of my seniors camera which she shot on the night they did the deed. This top photo is one of my favorites of the kids pulling their cars into the interior halls and trying to be so careful not to hit anything.

Look at how many cars they were able to fit. Truly amazing feat!

Now this one is my absolute favorite of senior Krystal Rodriguez surrounded with the red cellophane that they covered all the overhead lights in.

And here's the havoc they reeked in Mr. Jeans room, a new teacher this year at Whitney. And below is a shot of the fire pit they built to surround all his books that he usually keeps in alphabetical order. Oops! Check out the irregular repeat pattern going on 2-D students. :)

They also strung string across all the lockers to make it more difficult to walk and hung red cellophane over all the over head lights for an eerie glow

And here we have the very artistic arrangement of water cups in the bathroom. Design students, check out the repetitious drop stack patterning going on. :) Wonder if one of my art students laid these out.

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