Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mixed Media Mosaic Tile Boxes - Student Art

So excited about this new assignment for my Intermediate 3-D class. I was first inspired by my mosaic teacher, Katherine England when I saw a very cool little box sitting in her mosaic classroom. She said she had made it in a workshop with mixed media artist Laurie Mika down in Encinitas, Ca. (down San Diego way). So I picked up Laurie's book at Barnes and Noble titled Mixed Media Mosaics, read all about her process then taught it to my kids, and just look at the results, stunning works of art. Many of the tiles are really made out of polymer clay but resemble glass. The top box belongs to senior artist extraordinaire Caroline Ma, who will be picking up my top art award tonight at Senior Awards. Shuuuuu.... it's a surprise. :)Congratulations Caroline, I love you, and I feel you are one of the most talented individuals that I have ever taught in the 29 years I've been working here at Whitney. Can't wait to see what you are going to create at Parson's in New York City. I'm so excited about your future. You are such a shining star!

This second piece belongs to another favorite student of mine, senior Rikaya Obilo. I love that Rikaya thought to do some wood burning in her piece which was optional. One of the many requirements was to incorporate a soldered glass piece into the top design. So cool how Rikaya did 3 soldered pieces and then staggered them.

This third box was done by another graduating senior, Joanna Han. Joanna is using her soft trademark colors in pastel tones for her Memories box. What a sweet piece Joanna! I really like how she used stamped text in some of her tiles.

Then we have this gorgeous box by senior Julie Kim. A really striking monochromatic color scheme with a beautifully balanced design in the top.

And look at this cutie by sophomore Breeana Johng. I adore the partially fused glass house she fit into the top design, and instead of stamping in black and white with text, she did her stamping in color. One of the greatest joys about teaching here at Whitney with these academically gifted children, is that they are all such create problem solvers, so that no two pieces ever look the same.

This beauty was done by 8th grader Joanna Coronel who is one of my up and coming super stars. I'm hoping to work with her again in 11th and 12th grade when she can fit into her schedule 3rd and 4th year 3-D Art.

This dreamy piece was done by senior Annie Kim.

And lastly, we have junior Audrey Pulido, who is a gifted designer and coming back to me next year for 3rd year 3-D Art. Can't wait, she is such an outstanding student who takes direction so easily and then runs with it and is a terrific problem solver. Audrey had twice as much space to work with on her box because it was much larger then the rest. She came in everyday during her free period to make the extra tiles she needed. Such a dedicated student, such a pleasure to work with.


  1. All very beautiful pieces! Your students are obviously inspired by you.

  2. I'll take one of each!!!

  3. I love the first one da best...

  4. 3rd one down is my favourite.




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