Thursday, June 4, 2009

Before & After Realistic Clay Heads/Rattles - Student Art

I challenged the beginning ceramic students to sculpt a highly realistic clay head, that also when picked up rattles. These first couple of pix are the heads right after they were built, and then the following shots are most of the same heads after the kids glazed them.

Below are the finished glazed works, from left to right: seniors Eaning Woo, Caroline Ma and Estelle Hong, award winners last nite in the Fine Arts category at our annual Senior Awards Banquet Nite. It's fun to see how much different the heads look after the glaze fire. I love that Estelle put a graduation cap on her guy, and look at how his pony tail is wrapping around his neck. Very well thought out piece.

These two handsome guys belong to senior Jessica Song and junior Steven Ebalobor.

And these three were done by seniors Jessica Su, Cynthia Tsai and Rikaya Obilo, all of them also award winners last night at the Banquet. One of the requirements was to make the heads
convey some sort of expressive quality. I feel all the kids accomplished that in their pieces.

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