Monday, February 23, 2009

The old formica counter top was turned into a mosaic work of art in 2003 when Alum Angela Su along with boyfriend, Andrew Molina came back during their winter break from college to further beautify the space. If I'm remembering correctly 2004 Alum Melissa Wong did the mirror edging around the mosaic, and Alum Angela Feng did the large female ceramic bust and left it to me as her graduation thank you.

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  1. What fun to be surrounded by all that imagination!

    I had to laugh about the "bust". In my daughters ceramics class, high school, one of the students made a 'bust' , "with in-your-face titties" my daughter said. Someone had mentioned getting permission from the principal about doing this, he hemmed and hawed, she completed the bust anyway and the teacher decided to put it in the display case in the hall....then mentioned to someone in the video class, who took video of it to be broadcast on the school wide 'morning news', seen in every class. I will have to ask my d. if this was actually shown. It's been fun to follow the saga all year.