Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Janitor Closet into Art Lounge

Several years ago when our school was remodeled, my principal Patricia Hager, asked if I would like to turn the old janitor closet into a storage area for art supplies. Honestly, I was not really sure because the space was pretty scary; spider webs, mold and mildew, dead rats and live cockroaches. But Patti can be pretty persuasive and I took on the task LOL. It took myself, as well as my T.A.s and detention students a half a year to scrub down the space then repaint it. But it was totally worth it. Once cleaned up there were endless possibilities for display, storage and creativity. This is the view looking into the interior from the doorway. The shower curtains hide storage for our fiber arts students. The far back brick wall was decorated and painted by 2nd year 2-D art student Alum, Luini Tan. She came back two years ago to assist me with kilns and prep work for my art classes and while here also managed to paint the fabric from her Auntie's quilt onto the brick walls. Everything in the art lounge was student made or decorated. The only thing I added was a bright red couch for the students to chill on. I hope you enjoy the next few shots of the lounge and our students art works.

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