Saturday, July 15, 2023


Dani and Aaron's birth announcement

I've been over the moon for several months now 
since I found out my daughter Dani is pregnant.
She is a bit more then half way baked now 
and due on her brother's birthday in November.
Dani, my ex Inars, and Zach on Father's dad

And on the 4th of Julie her boyfriend Aaron proposed to her,
 so we are having the wedding next week.
Seems like it's all going so fast.

It also seems like I've been waiting for this forever,
and it's a dream come true.
And I've been creating and collecting baby goodies 
since before my son was born 34 years ago,
so you can imagine what she will have to choose from. 
My son and his wife are still vacillating about whether they want to have a child.
Of course I'm hoping that this baby, 
when "he" comes,
 will push them over that edge.
And yes,
its a BOY!
He has been doing acrobatics in her tummy 
since the first time we all saw him at her sonogram.
He is super active, 
and I'm pretty sure he is going to give her a run for her money
Ha ha!

All of us couldn't be more delighted to welcome
Easton Dexter David to our family.

I'm gonna be a grandma
Woot woot!!!!!!
My heart is full.


  1. Congratulations Debra! How wonderful for your whole family!

    1. Thank you so much for you note. Wish I knew who you are??

  2. So excited for you all, but especially for you!

    1. Hello Hazel!! Me too, ha ha, and it's getting close. I'm over the moon to meet our lil guy. Thank you and much love always. xoxoxo

  3. It sounds like you have been immersed in family excitement! How did the wedding go? How is the mom-to-be feeling? I'm so happy for you.

    1. Hi there, sorry it took so long to get back to you, whoever you might be. Hee hee Finally got my post up today about the baby being born and now I've got to do the wedding. It was beautiful. Thank you for asking.

  4. November is almost here. The excitement grows.