Wednesday, October 13, 2021


My beautiful classroom of 39 years.
I ran into these pictures today and it was so fun to look back and remember. 
I believe these pix were from Open House Nite 2018-2019 (the year I retired),
or maybe the previous school year 2017-2018.
Alyssa Olea, 
The new art teacher
Dan Heck,
 got to enjoy this space for the past 2 years,
but sadly over this past summer our classroom was gutted.
Everything had to go including the refrigerated unit where we stored our clay,
separate kiln room with tons of storage,
a wonderful office space with art all over the walls, countertop, floors and cabinets
designed entirely by the art students over the years.
All the rolling cabinets in the classroom gone,
What a waste!
And oh my,
 it felt like my heart was breaking when I heard about it...
The reason,
they turned our classroom into a science/lab room,
and also built a whole new set of science classrooms 
for the rest of the science dept. across from my classroom door.
Dan has been housed in a much smaller space (one of the old science classrooms)
 and is still waiting on electricity for his kilns.
Let's see,
school has been in session for 9 weeks and still no electric for him.
A hard pill to swallow for me as well as Dan,
but a great new deal for all my dear friends and buddies in the science dept.
After all,
we are a STEM based school for gifted children.
I let it all out!
Ha, ha!!
For me,
the only saving grace is who they gave my newly made-over room to,
Dr. Julie Keck Centeno.
She is a fabulous science teacher and mother.
Two of her 3 incredibly gifted daughters,
Emma and Alexa,
 took art classes with me and were featured several times on my blog.
I wish you many happy years in that space.
Hoping you feel the GOOD VIBRATIONS and the LOVE that this room holds.
Can't wait to come visit and see what it looks like!


  1. oh, dear heart ... I am so sorry to learn of this ... STEM can't hold a candle to STEAM ...

    1. When my teacher buddy Aileen (Science Teacher at Whitney) first told me about this I was devastated, I just couldn't believe it. Now that I've had a chance to process it, I'm still just heartbroken. I was never good with change. The new Science teacher in the space told me recently that some of the art pieces in the office space are still there. For me to have closure I really need to visit to see what's left. Hopefully a little piece of me. Sadly the Principal is still not allowing any visitors on campus, Covid thing. Maybe I'll sneak on and take a peek after school when there is chaos in the parking lot. Hee hee.