Sunday, June 28, 2020


is one of my favorite go to Fiber Artists
 who specializes in several Japanese Textile traditions. 
I recently learned that Glennis grew up in Japan 
and tries to return at least once a year;
many times leading a tour group to her favorite haunts,
a trip that is definitely on my bucket list.
Two weeks ago I ordered several of her lovely moons that she creates.
If you visit her blogsite you will she makes video tutorials 
so you can learn from her and see her process.
And she is a patient, inspirational teacher.
She calls them Moonmate tutorials.
I love the moons she picked for me on all types of different fabrics above!

She also has Shibori and Sashiko dyed and stitched pieces to purchase
and other amazing textiles.
In one of her tutorials I watched her working on this banner and feel in love.
I am currently decorating a room in my son's new/old home because I send the night when I drive up. 
He and his wife Nicole recently purchased a single family home in the San Fernando Valley
(in the same neighborhood that actor Brian Cranston grew up in)
and because of the long trek there thru the bumper to bumper Los Angeles Fwy system 
it's not worth it to drive up and back on the same day.
So the kids gave me my own room.
How about that!!!!!!
So my plan has been to decorate it in a bit of a Japanese style 
with lots of  Shibori textiles, handmade ceramics, 
and handmade wood pieces.
The color scheme is complimentary blues and rusty oranges.
And this banner by Glennis is my most recent purchase for the room.
One of my favorite parts of the banner are the 3 small wool squares that are dyed and beaded.
And her stitching flows so beautifully about piece in a very organic yet controlled  way,
which is right up my alley.
And check out her sweet little moons along the bottom.
In her tutorial when stitching this piece you can see how she uses her thimble.
It's a special one for Sashiko and is worn on the inside of the hand.
You've got to check it out.

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