Wednesday, April 8, 2020


I know I've probably lost quite a few of you in my blog audience 
because I haven't been posting much about my art students from the past two years.

I haven't quite figured out my rational for this yet,
other then I'm trying very hard to find a new path/journey in this new retirement phase of my life.
I was getting closer until this Corona Virus showed up.  
And now with all this time on my hands,
 I find I'm also having a hard time focusing and disciplining myself to post.
Mostly I've been outside,
 gardening and walking, 
then inside taking online classes in watercolor and eco-dyeing/slow stitch with India Flint.
At night I'm cooking (every nite which I thought I'd never do again),
 slow stitching and knitting.
And in between living vicariously thru you my blogger friends and the lovely work you are doing.

Many of my ex-students have been reaching out to me with work they are doing or had been doing
 in art school,
or the crafts they are getting back into during this pandemic
which makes me incredibly happy.

I was really excited when 2018 Alumni Sarah Oh sent me this link (below).
Grace, I think you will really enjoy seeing Sarah and what she's up to at Art Center in Pasadena.
She was interviewed by an LA magazine called Voyage LA.
I couldn't be more thrilled for her.
I hope Grace you get a chance to check it out.
I know you were one of her biggest fans.


  1. This is beyond great! So glad the article includes links to Sarah's website so I can continue to follow her ... and seriously, she has 11.5K followers on Instagram!?!

    1. She realy is an incredible talent Liz, and it just flows so easily out of her. I call it a gift. Art can be taught; design, drawing, painting and so forth, but not many people I have taught have this innate gift. I love that she continues to use it and move forward with it, and glad you you be one of her many followers. xoxox

  2. THANK YOU so much for the link...loved seeing Sarah's words and Work
    she is so gifted and her Spirit just shines through her Art...
    her pinch pot is still my most treasured love...i touch it almost
    daily. I am so glad i was able to purchase it.
    thank you x a zillion
    and yes. Gardens and Walking...these are GOOD when things
    feel so fragmented. Love and Love to you

    1. So happy you are still here with me Grace, and are able to check on our Sarah. You are so right, her spirit does shine thru not only her art but her person as well. I hope one day your paths will cross. xoxoox

  3. So many thanks to both Grace and Liz for all the uplifting words <3 ! And also thank you Ms. Sposa for the feature, it's so comforting to know I still remain in this kind corner of the world :))