Monday, April 13, 2020


A long standing tradition in our home is to dye Easter Eggs,
each year trying to come up with a different artsy fartsy idea.
I had this seen and read about this one several years ago and tried with my son,
though it wasn't quite successful,
and always wanted to give it another go.

This year I'm in several online classes with Australian Artist India Flint,
having just enrolled in one more last week called 
in place:: sailing the armchair around village well.
She created this course to help us thru the isolation of the Corona Virus,
and I'm so enjoying it;
watching her and following her lead.
One of the projects were these Eco-bundled eggs
and I was so pleased how they turned out.
My daughter and I each made 6,
and this is how they looked before we hard-boiled them below.

We chose a 6 minute hard boil.
You can see here the lovely color from the onion skins,
I grabbed the nearest bowl to place them in to cool down before the big reveal.
This is a clay piece I made over 40 years ago at Cypress College under the tutelage of my mentor
Professor Robert Hardy.
After I threw the bowl on the wheel I added a slim throw neck to elevate it,
then allowed it to dry out a bit (leatherhard stage)
and Robert suggested I carve a design into it.
He was always pushing me harder then I would push myself.
Sadly he is gone now but I learned so very much from this wonderful man.
The first one Danielle opened was a big bust,
hardly any pigment in the shell,
so we were pretty disappointed but luckily all the rest looked lovely,
each one a bit different then it's neighbor depending on what we bundled it with.
I will definitely do this again with my grandbabies.

I was left with a very pretty selection of cotton and silk embroidery string to stitch with.
I think I might bundle resist some of it and put it into my indigo bucket.  
We'll see.
I just placed the threads a top another India Flint project I'm working on called
29 Days in February 2020,
only 2 months behind on this one.  :)

And below you can see what I did with the leftover dye liquid.
I tossed a faded out sweatshirt into it which shocked my fashion conscious daughter,
ha ha,
and hoping for the best.
If she only knew all the crazy shit I do.


  1. I hollowed out eggs early in our Hill Country days, then dyed them with onion skins and wildflowers a few years back ... threw them all out when we moved ... what was I thinking???

    and I love throwing stained white clothing into a dyebath ... the soft colors that result seem to melt the stains away

    1. Not sure if the dye will stick to the sweatshirt since it's probably made from synthetic fibers.