Monday, May 27, 2019


Hi, Ms. Sposa!
I just recently finished my second term at art center with a 3.85 GPA!!! (Only one B plus, but all A's other than that!!!! YAY!) 
It was a really tough term and I had a lot of tough projects that I've never done before, but I'm really excited to present to you the one final that was the most challenging for me.
The final was to create a piece that was LARGER than you on a material that you've never used before.
So for this assignment, I decided to do a lifesize portrait of myself on acrylic glass.
The front side will be realistic and it was all done in oil paint!
The back side is supposed to be like my "insides" with a lot of small little dog creatures running around inside my body. And for my brain, it's just a large toad!
I wanted to utilize the glass aspect of the piece and to do that, I made small windows in my body so that the viewer could look through the glass!
It was really a challenge to get that 5.5 feet tall piece of acrylic glass to stand upright, so I had to make these large wooden stands to keep it upright.
I've included some process pictures of the piece to help showcase just how much brainstorming I had to do for the piece HAHA

After seeing these pix that Sarah sent,
I couldn't even imagine coming up with something this critically thought out at such a young age.
And then to actually pull it off.
My hat is off to you my dear.
Your talent and gift assound me!

Thank you for sharing with all of us.


  1. HAHA you even included the image at the end AH! Thank you so much for the shoutout! I'm taking a materials class for my summer term so I'm starting to work with plaster, wire, bronze, and just all sorts of machinery!! So excited to share more with you! I hope your class has been going well, I miss it!!

  2. Oh my, your new summer class sounds so fun! Can't wait to see the pieces you will create!