Sunday, May 5, 2019


Ten years ago former Ceramics student Bill Sevedge,
Class of 1984,
built this blog for me and taught me how to use it.
Before then I rarely used the computer.
I was scared of it,
not having grown up using it.
He dropped by for a visit recently and we talked about how much I've learned
since he gifted me this blog site,
and I wanted to give back to him in appreciation.
I asked him to pick one of my current demo. pieces.
He chose one of my favorites,
this black beauty.
It was thrown last school year for the Intermediate Ceramics students 
to show them an Altered Vase Form.
After completely turning back the lip of the pot on itself,
I stamped the shoulder with the head of a large acorn from the cabin.
To finish the piece I stained it with Red Iron Oxide 
and then poured our Black glaze into the inside
then partially dipped the piece for outside coverage.
I was really pleased with how it turned out,
and was so happy to gift it to Bill.

I frequently think of Bill and how grateful I am to him.
He was one of a handful of students to reach the Ceramics IV level back in the 80's.
He enabled me to connect to so many artists around the world thru my blog,
and to be able to share my students with them.
Thank you Bill. 
I hope you occasionally check my blog
and are proud of your student.


  1. What a gorgeous piece ... he chose well indeed!

    And thank you Bill ... I have spent many a morning cup of coffee learning and simply soaking in the artfulness on this blog. Better yet, I made a friend ... and that is a gift beyond value!

    1. I'll connect to Billy Boy on FB today so he can read your comments. Thank you once again Liz for you insightful feedback. xoxoxo

  2. P.S. I love the story of the pot's making ... the acorn imprinting especially