Tuesday, June 6, 2017


To senior Ashley Iseri and her sweet & thoughtful mother for this lovely lei made for me.
Ashley brought it to school for me last Friday
and I was thrilled with this handmade gift.
I told Ashley that carnations are one of my all time favorite flowers.
In fact,
I loved it so much that it rode with us up in our jeep between my husband and I 
to the cabin,
and made the most fragrant addition to our little place over the weekend.
Now I will place it next to the lei 2015 Alumni Kaili Hamada's mother made for me 
in my home office so I can enjoy it for years to come.

Thank you Ashley for the gift you shared with all of us this year,
and your innate designs and skills with the clay.
You were an absolute pleasure to teach and a joy to get to know.
I'm hoping you will keep arts & crafts in your life as you continue on your next journey.
Much love to you Ashley.

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  1. The cool wonder of flowers against the back of one's neck ...