Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Flowers and Plants at my Home/Studio

At my little home/studio in Anaheim Hills, I'm able to grow more shade plants then at our larger place because it faces a different direction .
It gets a bit of morning sun but the rest of the day is in shade.
So the same Mandevilla that you saw a few days ago on the blog at our home was a paler pink then the one you see here  because this one gets less sun.
And I love that it's starting to crawl up the wall.

There is one wall on my second floor patio that gets a bit more sun so I've hung this special succulent box on the wall.
As you can see it has a ways to go to completely fill up but at least a half of it is doing well.

One of my favorite flowers to grow because my mom loved them so much are Fuchsias.
They need a lot of shade because they are so thin and delicate.
My mother used to call them little ballerinas.
I have 2 varieties that seem to be happy, the larger pinks above and the variegated smaller blossoms below.

And I have never been good with ferns, this Maidenhair below is the first one that I've managed not to kill.  
It sits in the corner of my front porch next to the door and is so lacy and lovely. 

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  1. I love fuschias, because my grandma always had pots of them hanging next to her trailer. I always thought they looked like fairies.