Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mid Summer Flowers

I'm experimenting with tubular begonias up on the mountain.
So far so good, they are thriving with their waxy feeling flowers.
Just don't know if they will survive the winter months.
We'll see.

I also planted a variety of callas at the cabin.
They came up very quickly and seem to love it up there, plus they make the most beautiful cut bouquet with my sunflowers.

I planted this Hibiscus over 3 years ago at the house down below, and finally, it bloomed for me.
So lovely, it was definitely worth the wait.

It's amazing to me how hardy my Bougainvilleas are.
I've had them in the same crummy pots for at least 4 years now and they continue to delight me with all their delicate flowers.

And I planted this Mandevilla this year hoping it would grow along our little fence and it's just going to town.
It's twining itself around all the goodies I have lined on top of the fence and has been blooming all summer long.
When I lived at my other home before I married Jim I never had success with this plant. 
And I love them so, so I'm thrilled to know I'm doing something right with it now.

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