Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Senior Tribute 2014 - Part II

One of my favorite memories from graduation this year was how when I walked into the gym so many of you swarmed me and wanted to take our picture together.
Damn that made me feel GOOD!!!
You all have no idea how much that meant.
It's the best possible feedback that you could have given that you enjoyed yourselves in my class.

To my 3rd period Beginners,
I'm really going to miss how easy going and chill you all were with me.
How when I goofed up or made a mistake you all were so kind and non-judgemental.
It's your class that was the most challenging for me because I had so much to teach and demo. to you in such a short time.
And let me tell you that tempera demo. was a killer.  
Not sure I really pulled that one off.
And you were always so very patient with me as I had two other classes to juggle at the same time.
And the camaraderie and encouragement you all gave to each other was a beautiful thing.
Thank you all for making my job such a pleasure!

Yoo-Bin Han, first let me tell you that I so wish I'd had a better pix of you, so sorry.
It just kills me that you waited until you were a senior to take my class.
You have amazing artistic talent and skills and I so hope you will go on in the arts to explore your potential.
Plus you are one of the coolest cats I've ever met.
I want to be just like you when I grow up  :)

To my 4th period 3 -D Beginners:
You seniors were a breeze to work with, most of you anyways, it's those juniors that gave me a run for my money.
Thank you for always being so considerate and careful with all the expensive supplies that we needed to make this class happen.
I hope I have given you some of the basic survival skills needed when you go off on your own, like how to iron your clothes and sew on a button .

Esther Woo, you are the whole package.
Both smart and beautiful you are going to move mountains when you get out there on your own.
And don't let any man tell you different or hold you back!!!!!!!
You also have a lovely heart, I hope you use it to do great things for others.

Speaking of goodness and smarts, that is so you Rebecca Tjahja.
You are a go-getter and I was so very impressed with your design skills.
I love how you dived into every assignment and gave it everything you've got.
You also are going to make a huge contribution to society because of your warmth and kindness.

To my 5th period Beginning Ceramics,
you were by far one of the most spirited, hard working and wonderful ceramics classes that I've ever had the pleasure of teaching.
You all turned out more beautiful, impressive works then I've ever blogged before, and you had Ceramic teachers from all over the U.S. writing to tell me so.
I had more fun with you guys, and all of you were so very patient and respectful as I did those crazy demos. in clay and glaze.
What a cohesive group, I will miss you terribly.

To my 3rd period 2-D Intermediates,
it will never be this good again where I have so much artistic talent in one group of kids.
All six of you blew me away with the effort and thoughtfulness you put into each and every assignment.
You have set the bar very high indeed!

Anne Allan, so very gifted in so many areas of your life.
So I'm especially thrilled that you chose the arts as your area of focus you will be continuing in.
I've never met anyone like you, so much confidence for one so young.
So many life experiences.
And you made this very difficult class look like a walk in the park.
I truly admire you.

Catherine Luo, one of the hardest working, most dedicated students I've ever worked with.
I adored every piece you created this year.
You are gifted in so many areas of your life, yet I see how hard you work to stay at the top.
And that's what sets you apart, you've figured out what you need to do to be the best at such a young age.
That focus, attention to detail and persistence will take you far.
  And even though you don't think so, you are fearless.
Underneath that quiet and shy exterior is a woman made of steel.
Don't ever forget that!
You chose some of the hardest designs to bring to life and you never quit. 
I respect and admire you so very much.

Jasmine Zhao, I love watching you create.
Designs, colors, patterns and techniques flow from your fingers.
You create MAGIC.
I've known and worked with you since you were an extremely shy 7th grader.
And it's been a joy to watch you grow into the exceptionally brilliant and confident young woman that you are.
I'm so excited to see where life takes you.
I believe that you were put on this earth to make a difference.
I am honored to have been your humble teacher.
Please keep in touch.

Heather Warner, you have blown me out of the water this year.
You came back to me not because you wanted to major in the arts but rather because you simply enjoyed it.
And I'm so happy that you did.
I know  I've said it before but you made tremendous strides this year in your skills and designs thru the endless hours that you put into this class
You are a remarkable young woman, and I know you'll be back to visit.
I want to hear all about your next journey, I'm so jealous.  :)

Alexander Lee and Justin Hwang, you both put up with a lot of nagging from me, especially you Alex.  :)
You both already had your plates full when I talked you into coming back to me for a second year.
And I'm so glad that you stuck it out.
You both have incredible artist talent and it was always a treat to see your finished work.

To my 2nd period Ceramics II,
what an awesome way to begin every morning with your sweetness and positive energy.
First I have to say thank you so much for hustling to be on time to class for me, because you knew how important it was to me.
Secondly, your work was exceptional, your designs inspirational.
It was always such a pleasure to show off your work on the blog.
Thank you all for giving me 110 % everyday.
I will miss you guys so much, and I'm so glad we were able to take this pix together before you graduated, because who knows when we will ever be together again.
I love you all so much!

Carol Oh and Shamara Mustafa (top two left), you two were a trip and a half.
So playful and fun, so very beautiful on the inside and out.
I love the bond you share, the encouragement you gave to each other, your positive energy.
The both of you made so many lovely pieces in 1st and 2nd year.
I am so blessed that I got to work with the both of you.

Tahnee Thanthrong, what a sweetheart, you are such a beautiful person.
Your kindness and positive attitude sets you apart.
Your sensitivity and impeccable skills with the clay was something very special to watch. 
I especially want to thank you personally for making it to class on time, you had a killer drive from Irvine every morning.
I can't wait to see where your next journey will take you.

Aditi Ramesh, wow, you were a powerhouse with the clay.  With amazing focus and design skills,  lovely craftsmanship, and a tremendous work ethic, you nailed all the assignments and so much more.
Your kindness and tranquility on a daily basis was so soothing to me.
I could always count on you for a special greeting every morning.
I really appreciated how genuine you were with me, and how thoughtful.
You are like an old soul in a young woman's body.
You will do great things in your lifetime because of who you are.
I love you so much!

And Aman Patel, master of all the arts.  You, like Megan, have had so many classes with me and have proven yourself time and again to be an extraordinary designer and craftsman.
We've been working together since the 7th grade, right?
2 years of 3-d art and 2 years of ceramics.
Did I leave anything out?
It has been a gift being your teacher, you are the most sincere, respectful and genuine person.
And I know your parents are so very proud of you.
And speaking of gifts, you are multi-talented in the arts for you are an exceptional drummer as well.
It will be so very interesting to see where you go with both of these talents.
Love you to the moon and back young man!!!

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