Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Nicole, Zach's sweetheart of a girlfriend, managed to thoroughly surprise my son Zach for his 25th birthday at my Ex, Inars' home in Yorba Linda a couple weeks ago.
Zach had absolutely no idea that Nicole planned this whole thing with Inars.  Jim and I were instrumental in the deception of getting him to the party on time and unawares.  Nicole spent weeks pulling all his boyhood friends together and prepping for the occasion.  One of them actually came all the way down from Sacramento to join us. 
There was lots of great food, and yes, I''m afraid, drinking too, but responsibly, right  :)
Zach blew out the candles on his deliciously, healthy carrot cupcakes that Nicole's mom, Mary made.
And luckily we had Boogie Agrums there for clean up duty atop the bar-b-que when no one was looking  LOL

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