Thursday, December 5, 2013

Meet My New Beginning 3-D Students

This first quarter was all about color theory, design and learning how to sew and embroidery along with craftsmanship.  Here are my beginnings putting it all together in their sweet felt pin cushions.

Senior Jinnie Choi above with her sweet piece of cake, and 8th grader Annie Lin with her adorable strawberry. 

Above we have senior Julia Kim with her beautifully crafted sunflower, and below are 8th grader Cassidy Cransirik and junior Daphne Chiang.

Hello Kitty was made by senior Esther Woo and next to hers is junior Bianca Tolentino.  Is it "On" or "No"????

And lastly we have juniors Alice Hong and Kaili Hamada.  

Beautiful work all!

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