Friday, September 7, 2012

Wood Samplers - Student Art

For many of my Beginning 3-D students, they seem astonished that I'm going to require them to drill and saw wood, and are a bit intimidated at first, but once behind the wheel, so to speak, they are like ducks to water, happy drilling and sawing away.  The sanding gives them an excuse to go outdoors and chat.

Junior Phoebe Liu did the sampler above, and junior Nikeeta Shah and senior Megan Machado did the lovely samplers below.
In these samplers they are required to drill at least 1 hole, sand the block, saw a dowel and fit it to the hole, then embellish with paper collage and stain the wood with watered down acrylic paint. 
I really like how junior Alex Rendon used a piece of his preliminary paper tye-dye to collage to his block on the blue/green one on the left above.  Junior Sara Shams has found some really pretty paper in the center piece to collage with her orange/pink stains, and junior Julia Faith Chanco found some gorgeous black handmade paper to collage down over top her stained wood on the far right. 

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