Monday, September 24, 2012

My Newest Find - Colors Yarn Shop

Colors is by far one of my favorite yarn shops to date.  Alumni Breeana Johng turned me onto it because it's right down the street from her college (Scripp's) in downtown Claremont.  It's only been there a little over a year, and it is bright and fun with lots of great yarns and fiber related gifts.  It's magical!
And I highly recommend it if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet.  Not only do they offer knitting classes but they also teach hand spinning and dyeing, with lots of special events on the weekends.

What I especially loved was this yarn painting that someone made for the store.  I used to teach yarn painting in the 80's, looks like it might be coming back.  Only instead of using the nasty acrylic yarns this one was full of hand dyed and hand-spuns, lovely!
Sooooooooo, crafty 3-D students of mine, for 10 whopping points of EXTRA CREDIT, find someone who drives to take you up, and visit Breeana while you are there.  And enjoy the sights in the Claremont Village, so many great places to eat and shop while you are there.  Also, an incredible Chinese antique store kaddy-corner across the street from Colors.   It has amazing pieces of handmade furniture to die for.

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