Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gone Antiquing

My newest addition to my studio is this wonderful old hardware store nail holder chest.  Jim and I where antiquing in Costa Mesa right off the 55 Freeway and found so many great stores to go thru.  But I hit the lotto with this piece. 
There were no drawer pulls on it, but inside one of the drawers were a couple of old pulls that we used to restore it with, but mostly I just searched around my studio and came up with some crocheted fruits and veggies, polymer beads and buttons, and embroidered felted balls. The flower drawer pull above came off my daughters book case when she was a small girl, I saved it cuz I couldn't bear to part with it, and now it has a new home.
It's funny how one of the drawers is yellow, I'll have to put something special inside that drawer.  I really like the cracked patina of the old paint.  So how much did I pay for it, you wonder?  It was $128 but the owner of the shop let me have it for $99.  A sweet deal  :)

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