Monday, October 10, 2011

Vegas in July 2011

This last summer Jimmy's band was playing at 2 venues in Vegas, so in between gigs, off we went to our favorite place, the site of "Pawn Stars", hoping for a glimpse of Chumley.  But the closest we got to him was seeing all his "I Love Chumley" stuff for sale.
It was so hot outside and the line very long, but we persevered  and made it inside, hoping for a peek at anyone connected with the show.
The closest we got was this guy behind the counter whom I've seen in a couple of the episodes.  The coolest thing we did see was the old man's Caddy in the back fenced in area.  Somebody forgot to lock the gate so we might have slipped inside to take a pix of the old man's 57 Chevy that Rick had restored for his dad's birthday, an episode that we watched on T.V. right before we left for Vegas.  Pretty cool man!
Between the 2 gigs we had band practice, and as you can see Jim likes to ham it up a bit.
The first venue was at McMullan's, an Irish pub across the street from the Orleans Casino and Hotel.  It was really awesome that they put the bands name on the marquee.
Here are The Rockits above with the Hi Lites below.
When the band wasn't playing mostly we hung out at the pool at our hotel.  We stayed at the Hilton off the Strip, a pretty ok hotel, it used to be Elvis' home base when he performed there.
The second venue was more dressy, the Italian American Club with all these old gangster wannabees LOL.  But it was a lot of fun, I got to dress up and hang out...
my very handsome...
incredible man.  :)

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  1. loving your blog. you seem such a joyful, fun person. no wonder your handsome picked you.