Friday, October 21, 2011

Peacock Feather as Inspiration - Student Work

Thinking about you Jaimee since you've been absent for the past 3 days.  But your gorgeous piece hanging on the classroom wall is helping me to not miss you too much.  :)
Senior Jaimee Chirico has been taking art classes with me since the 7th grade.  She is in 4th level Drawing/Painting/Design this year as well as Ceramics I,  plus she tried my Beginning 3-d class last year for a total of 6, yes 6 classes with me in her career here at Whitney High School.  As you can see, she is extremely talented in the arts, and I'm hoping that one day she might come back to be the new art teacher here at Whitney when I retire in 7 more years.  She abstracted this peacock feather in oil pastel, and then built a collage frame to mount it on.  Beautiful job kiddo!  Below is a close up of her color overlapping to achieve all the value changes.

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