Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog Challenge - Student Work

At the start of the school year I offered up an extra credit challenge to see how many kids were tuning in to my blog, and these were some of my favorite results.  These first 2 pix were the ones done by my terrific 7th graders starring from top to bottom, left to right;  Tiffany Pan, Chirag Doshi, Shreya Sheth, Sabrina Chan, Raymond Bolanos and Melissa Ongko.
The challenge went like this: : on a multi-colored piece of paper (yes you can make the paper multi-colored by using crayons, markers, collage and such) cut out an asymmetrical geometric or organic shape. Yes, it must be asymmetrical! Then fold, tuck, wrap, bend and mold the piece of paper into a 3-d vessel like the girls did above(see 5 Day Quilt Challenge). When you have a pleasing form glue, staple or stitch (or however you can think of) to hold the vessel's form. The most creative, interesting solution will win 5 extra credit points. For participating you will earn 2 extra credit points. Have fun!
I loved them all, so unique and well thought out, and I also felt the 7th graders did just as well as my older students.  Above we have junior Alice Zhang, junior Corrine Marcus, junior Sheila San Austin and below my personal fav was senior Shivanti Kariyawasam.
All three views.
I was especially impressed with the stitching Shivanti brought into the piece.

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