Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Felt Balls with Embellishment - Student Work

These fun felt balls were made by my Beginning 3-d students towards the end of the school year.  They always enjoy the feltmaking process cuz it's soapy and messy and we get to go outside to do it.  Inspired by the ball last year's senior Marisela did (click on side bar), I required the kids this year to add a touch of embellishment when the balls were dry.  I also asked them to try to shape them into something other then a circle.  These were my favorites in the bunch.  Senior Brenda Yee did the fabulous one above.  It reminds me of those Ukraine beeswax eggs at Easter time.
These clever cutie's above were done by sophomores Rita Labib and Lorena Morales, and senior Michael Clark.
Above we have pieces by sophomore Shivani Patel, and seniors Tiffany Wang and Shalu Singh.
And lastly we have work by junior Marissa Fierro, sophomore Ellin Li and junior Noel Kim.  I'm so proud of you all for just jumping in and using your newly discovered sewing skills to really make these pieces special.  Fantastic effort all of you!


  1. I love these felt balls.
    The colors and details are amazing.

    Felt is not my favorite medium but this project might change that.

  2. I wonder if your students have read my "cheater's" way to make felt balls. Perhaps I should call it The Cliff Notes of Ball Felting. I do it with WOOL dryer lint left behind from when I process wool sweaters. One can also just go ahead and use wool roving. :-)