Friday, July 29, 2011

Clay Masks - Student Work

I received an e-mail today from a ceramics teacher asking about clay masks, so I thought I'd put up the ones my Beginning 3-D kids made this year.  I hope these will inspire your students, I know I'm thrilled with how they turned out, especially this one made by sophomore Rita Labib.  Besides the design being fabulous, check out the metal details below.  She experimented by laying a cloth zipper opened up over top the month area, as well as embedding several metal screws, staples and nails into the plastic clay before the first firing.  LOVE this piece Rita!    
Another favorite was this one above created by senior Tiffany Wang.  Tiffany was one of my top artists this year.  She, like Rita, embedded metal nails and wires into her mask.  Below we have two really fun pieces made by seniors Alex San Pablo and Brenda Yee.  The kids had 4 oxide choices in how they were able to finish the pieces off,  Red Iron Oxide, Rutile, Cobalt Carbonate and Chrome Carbonate.  Some of the kids used several combined together for a greater variety, like Alex and Brenda. 
Above we have senior Anisha Mistry who ended up with an outstanding design and a terrific finish. 
The two expressive pieces above were done by seniors Anika Haque and Elle Quimpo, and the two scary ones below where made by junior Jaimee Chirico and sophomore Shivani Patel.  Love how Jaimee applied her oxides with a lot of overlapping and very little rubbing off.  And Shivani got a really cool crackle finish around her nose by applying the cobalt very heavily, and not wiping any off. 


  1. Amazing artwork from your students.
    I love the addition of metal items.

  2. you need more clay mask that would be awesome but i like the work