Friday, July 8, 2011

Nature Inspired Planter - My Work

This was my demo piece that I did for my Beginning Ceramics kids, and I really liked how it turned out. The bird in the center was a result of a hole that occured while I was thumping and dragging the clay slab to stretch it out.  So I took advantage of the rip and inlayed a piece of clay from behind to seal it and when I turned the slab over the tear took on the shape of a bird.  I love when stuff like that happens because it pushes me to go further with my designing.  So I added a twig with leaves and stamped a hole for the bird's eye.  On the back side I put a dedication to our out-going principal, Patricia Hager, and gave it to her as a going away present.  Good luck Patti in your new school district, I'm going to really miss you, and so will the kids.  You were an amazing woman to work under and with.  Love you!!


  1. Nice! Has a fiber look to it - looks so pliable!

  2. I love these flowers! What are they called? This is beautiful <3