Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wire Sculptures - Student Work

Believe it or not, these next pieces were designed and executed by my beginners in the 3-d class. There were so many outstanding pieces that I almost photographed them all. This crazy, amazing camera was done by sophomore Rita Labib, and below is how she mounted and displayed it (part of the assignment).

I required that the students not build just a 3-d structure, but that they also build in volume. It's very time consuming, tedious and involves using a lot of expensive wire. But as you will see, the results are so worth it. Above junior Lorena Morales builds her volume in a literal way with endless wrapping. Below senior Amanda Chen builds in her volume in a more decorative manner as in the lightbulb.

Senior Alex San Pablo did this very clever basketball court, and below senior Sylvia Tran did this sweet house. Many of the kids recycled tissue paper collages for their backgrounds like Sylvia,
or made their own painted backgrounds like senior Tiffany Wang below.

Above senior Anika Haque did these highly decorative birds, and below eighth grader Karisma Dev impressed me so much by using mostly paperclips to build her piece with. This child has amazing design and craftsmanship skills, and I'm hoping she will be back for many more art classes. Mama Dev, you should be sooooooooo proud of your girl! :)

Above senior Suzanne Kang did this lovely, complex coach. And below junior Jaimee Chirico worked tirelessly in creating this fading rose in a cage.

Above this playful and sweet sailboat, mounted at a jaunty angle, belongs to junior Shayna Franklin, and below we see the work of the talented artist, junior Elsie Aguilar, an up and coming superstar. Thank you to all my students who worked hard for me on this assignment. It was so worth it. Remember that as you slave away on your appliquilts LOL!
For extra credit, on a piece of GRAY paper, cut into the shape of a thick paper clip, write your name and period on one side, and on the other side write the name of student who did your favorite wire sculpture.

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