Friday, January 21, 2011

Soap Scrubs - Student Work

My 7th graders had too much fun recently making their wool soap scrubs from scratch. Just look at the beautiful marbleizing that Thomas Kang was able to achieve above in his bar. I think for most of them the best part was deciding what colors to use to surround their soaps in, and then the actual felting process with hot soapy water. Boy, did we have one big mess to clean up when they were through.

I loved the colors and the sculptural effect that Raj Susaria was able to get in his, above right. And then the very pretty one to the right belongs to sweet Lauren Lee. Below we have Sabrina Dagoc, top middle is Liana Chie, bottom middle Amber Wu, and then far right is Jonathon Lin. Fantastic job all of you, and thanks for cleaning up so well without me having to nag! Much appreciated. I'm sure gonna miss you sweet babies.

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  1. Love these, would like to make some myself :) Great work by your Students xx