Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last Weekend

When I got home from school last Friday night I didn't feel like cooking (never do LOL), plus the weather was so beautiful and warm, I just knew I wanted to go to Laguna and watch the sunset with Jimmy. We got there just in the nick of time. Parked by Las Brisas and this is the sequence as the sun went down.

Jim thought it would be cool to shoot these palms below.

Saturday night Jim asked me out to dance at a small sports bar in Brea called Shady Nook where his buds were going to be celebrating his best friend Dan's birthday. The band playing "Acoustic Conversation", were friends of ours, so we had a wonderful time. The venue was so small that they couldn't fit their keyboard player and their drummer had to leave his drums in the car and instead play his cajon. What a cool instrument. Jim says he has one and he will teach me to play it, then we can jam in his garage, oh yeah!

Dan is in the red sweatshirt, he was the birthday boy.

Sunday morning my son Zach called and asked me what I was doing and if I wanted to go anywhere. I definitely didn't want to stay home and watch the play-off games, that's for darn off we went to our favorite garden center in Newport Beach called Roger's Gardens. This is the place I was telling you about Harry. You got to check it out.

This time round my battery was charged so I was able to show you how gorgeous and large the place is. But also very pricey :( Above is one of the first showplaces that you encounter when you walk in. They change it seasonally, so it's always different every time we go. And below is the other side in a completely different colorway.
They always have a beautiful display of hydrangeas, one of my favorite plants.

Below they also have this huge slope that they change out seasonally as well. Right now they have those plants that look like large white cabbage growing mixed with red bark Japanese maples. It was so pretty.

They have lots of pathways you can meander along and enjoy the foliage above, and below, large expanses of fountains mixed with scrubs for sale. This is where the richy rich come to shop for their gardens. If I do buy here it's something special that I can't find at Target or Home Depot.
Our favorite spot here is in the succulent garden below. They have some terrific specimens, and all are super healthy. Zach and I both collect cacti and succulents, and then I try to place and grow them in pots I've made especially for them. It's a visual flow kinda thing :)

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