Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mosaic Frames - Student Art

Gorgeous work is what my Beginning 3-D Art kids are creating for me. Just look at the detail in their mosaic work. From strong designs to great looking colors to interesting shards, and then just the right color grout, these children are going above and beyond my wildest expectations. I couldn't be more thrilled with their finished products. The piece above was done by senior Eunice Pang and purchased at Open House by our Vice-Principal, Bryan Glonchak for big bucks. Way to go Eunice!!

This exquisite frame above and below belongs to senior Hannah Park. It is amazing in person with all those tiny shards of mirror that she put in. Plus the lattice tiles are so cool and makes this piece a real stand out.

I bought both the frames above at Open house from seniors Ashlee Chang and Anne Guu. Ashlee's frame is already hanging in my daughter's bathroom that she just redid, and it looks great against the chocolate brown paint that she picked out. And Anne's piece is going into my new home/studio with a pix of both my children in it. Check out the text that Anne glued under her clear rounds in the right corner that are balanced off with the mirror shards in the upper left corner. I'm telling you, these kids are fantastic designers.

The piece that got the most attention was done by Kevin Ni (above, top). It was very unusual in that he allowed his shards to hang over the edge of the frame. He also incorporated text under a few clear pieces in lower right corner. And then the bottom most frame belongs to one of the sweetest seniors in the whole senior class, Sherri Singh, who has been an absolute joy to work with in the classroom. Extremely attentive and hardworking, Sherri has created some beautiful work this year. I hope you enjoyed seeing these frames as much as I enjoyed sharing them with all of you.


  1. These frames are just stunning, well done pupils - I wish I was in your class, lol


  2. i love your frames! wonderful work!8D