Monday, May 17, 2010

MIssing You Grace and Ryan

About 2 months ago I posted that my dear cousin Michelle had moved her family from Irvine ,Ca. to Austin, Texas. Michelle and I are only 9 months apart and grew up together in a very close-knit Italian family setting where we celebrated all holidays and birthdays together. As adults we became even closer, in our twenties we started a very small dress designing business (lasted thru the summer), started our families in our 30's and then in our forties and fifties spent every Wednesday in the summertime at Newport Beach with our children. Michelle's oldest, Rob, is 18, mine is 21. So when she told me they were leaving to move to Texas I was really sad that she was going to be so far away. But as you will see in these pix, Texas is really agreeing with her and the little ones, and they are thriving there.

There are horse back riding lessons for Grace, a golf course practically in his back yard for up and coming golfer, Ryan. More horses at Grandma's farm

along with a pond to fish in on her property.

And there is Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy's farm where you can ride out on the tractor to feed the livestock and laying hens and see hours old calves right after they are born.

Then there is cousin Tina's working quarter horse ranch where they recently got to see their first polo match. There is also loads of fresh vegetables to pick yourself and cook that same night for dinner. Caves to explore and so much more. A brand new house to enjoy and decorate, and a swimming pool to watch being built in the back yard. I'm thrilled for you Gracie and Ryan, but I miss you guys so much. Hopefully I will get to come spend some time with you this summer. Miss you so Michelle. Love to you all!

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