Monday, May 24, 2010

Carved Glass Plaques - Student Art

Unloaded the glaze kiln the other day to find these 3 beauties. They were done by my Beginning Ceramic students and are always a big hit with the kids. They roll out a 1/2 inch slab, trim the outside edge to their desired shape, and carve away the areas where they want to melt the glass shards. The pieces go thru a bisque firing before they put in the glass pieces and then off they go for the final glaze firing where I take the kiln up to Cone 5 or 2150 degrees, the perfect temp. to completely melt the glass. Above we have senior Jennifer Su's beauitfully crafted mermaid and below we have senior Erin Unson and junior Tryphena Liu's clever designs. The kids are also encouraged to apply glazes and oxides around the dividing lines to add additional color as both Erin and Tryphena did.

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  1. What a fantastic project. I am definitely going to try this next year with my ceramic I students! Do you recommend keeping the projects at a certain size? Can you use any scrap glass or do you by the special amaco stuff?
    I just love you blog. So helpful and interesting!