Thursday, June 17, 2021


When I was teaching the arts at Whitney 
there was a Congressional Art Competition every year usually around mid-May
that we would sometimes participate in.
It was sponsored by our State Representative Linda Sanchez of the 38th Congressional District 
which represents the city of Norwalk, Ca. and surrounding areas like us in Cerritos. 
The last several years at Whitney we didn't participate because the show was moved up a month
 to mid-April and all the best pieces of art were displayed on the walls of my room for Open House
 and then off I'd send them to the walls of our District Office
 for the Annual District Art Show and Competition.
So a big conflict.
And most often the students weren't interested in making an additional piece just for the competition
(they were kept too busy with their academics, sports, SAT classes and music lessons).
But over the 39  years I was there we did participate many times and won several best of shows.
The best thing about winning is their art piece will hang on the walls of Congress for a year
plus there is a scholarship monetary prize.
And before Covid,
the student and one parental was flown to D.C. to meet with the Congressional Representative
for an awards ceremony which was super special. 

So a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to this years winner,
Whitney High School junior Madison Plotkin,
one of my all-time favorite students.
She came to me as a 7th grader who was naturally gifted in the arts
 and gave me her all on every assignment.
She showed original thought and creativity as well as excellent craftsmanship
(so very important).
A lot of kids have the art ability but never develop their craftsmanship skills till college,
so I encouraged her to come back to me in the 8th grade.
She did and turned out many of the best pieces in that Art I class.
She has a brilliant sense of design as you can see above,
as well a tremendous drive and work ethic.
Also her parents have been extremely supportive of her wanting to become an artist
so she has also had the opportunity to study in an after school Art Academy.
And this summer I'm hoping she will intern at a prestigious gallery in Tustin called Chemers.
Just being around the gallery owner Karen is a rare treat.
Watching Karen organize and put up a show is watching a dynamo in action.

To see more of Madison's work over the years,
put her name in my search engine and read thru all the blog posts she was featured in.

Even though I left Whitney two years ago,
Madison has continued to reach out to me and share her art studies. 
And hopefully next year,
 I will be one of her teachers writing her Letter of Recommendation,
always a huge honor.  

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  1. how wonderful to read this latest chapter in the story of Madison's art ...