Wednesday, June 9, 2021


                         A few of my wild and crazy 2021 graduates as 7th graders in my Art Wheel class.

Since I couldn't be here at your graduation today or the past two years of my retirement, don't think I forgot about you .

So I wanted to do a little something special for you.
I hope you like it.
As I searched for these pictures it brought back so many fond memories of the time we spent together.
Almost had me in tears.

Hopefully no more virtual learning as you guys go away to all your colleges.
A little birdie told me many of you are off to Harvard, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, USC, Brown, The United States Air Force Academy, Cornell, and Irvine (Jack, I hear you are majoring in Architecture there).
I couldn't be more proud of all of you and would love you to keep in touch.
My email address is

I borrowed this picture off of Mrs. Olson's FB post.
I hope you don't mind :)
I barely recognize you all grown up and in masks.

But this is how I mostly remember you all.
Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
Felting your Soap Scrubs
So young, so cute!

Mossy, it was wonderful hearing from you the other day, and keep up with your knitted designs.
You were always very dear to my heart.
Palmer, I will never forget your sweet goodness and artist talent as well as your delightful parents,
please tell them hello for me.
And Jack,
you stole my heart from the minute you stepped into my classroom.
(Love the photo you took and gave Ms. Perry)
And Charles Chen,
so very sorry I retired and never got to work with you again.
I know you will work hard and have a fantastic career in the arts.

Being way cool with your Indigo dipped hands.

Stella is that you????
Love your expression here you silly girl!
You crack me up.
I'd love to know you now all grown up.
I bet you are still so much fun!

And there you are Rodrigo,
I will never forget you and the great hugs in the hallway you used to give me.
You were one of my biggest fans.

And my sweet boys and best friends,
Emmanuel and Jamesy.
Loved all the times you'd drop into the classroom to say hello after your 7th grade year ended.
You never forgot me.
I also never forgot that both of you possessed a lot of artistic talent!

And Aish,
can't spell it anymore but I still remember how to say your name. :)
And Aaron (aka Patrick) you will always be Patrick to me,
I was so bummed out when you came back to take another art class (think it was you 10th grade year)
but then bailed on me. 😕
I remember you having a lot of artistic flair.
And be careful ,
you seem to draw the girls like bees to honey. Ha ha
Alexa Centeno,
you and your sister were a delight to teach and work with.
Another little birdie told me your mother might be moving into my old art room.
Nothing would make me happier!
take care of it and love it like I did.
Such an awesome family.

Three of my outstanding kiddos dipping into the indigo bucket.
Alex Min right?
Super star artist and exceptional academic student!
I bet you are Harvard bound.
Let me know.

And Rawnie
you were always a dear to me, I remember how much you loved to do art.
And you continued thoughtfulness and kindness touched my heart deeply.

And there you are Laura.
Both you and your big sis made such an impact on me.
Especially as I was retiring and you came by to let me know you'd keep my garden watered.
That meant so much to me as it was killing me to leave so much of myself behind.

I wasn't sure which picture to end with,
this one or the one of Lucy and I below.
So I decided both.
I love that my hand is here with yours.
I will always be your greatest supporter and friend.
If any of you need anything in the future or just want to say hello,
hopefully I will be here for a long, long time.
And for those of you who reached out this and last year for a letter of recommendation.
It was an honor to do that for you.
I'm incredibly proud of all of you!
I wish you great love and happiness!

Now Lucy Acuna,
the young woman who touched so many lives at Whitney,
your friends as well as your teachers and Administration.
You have been a super star from the very beginning in 7th grade,
and you never let us down your 6 years there.
I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.
You are so many things,
a kind and good person, a volunteer, a leader, an academic, an artist, an actor, dancer and singer.
But best of all humble and grateful.
Enjoy your journey and let me know where it takes you next.
I love you always.


  1. a beautiful love letter to a great bunch of students ... wishing them all continued success and much happiness in the years ahead

    1. It was so nice to blog again Liz, it's been awhile, and to do it for these terrific kids was pure joy!