Friday, December 7, 2018


Alumni Sara Oh, 
Class of 2018,
 has an affinity for all animals,
all creatures for that matter,
so oftentimes her art reflects that like in this Accordain Book she created for her Bookbinding class.
She recently sent me these pix to show me what she's been up to at Art Center in Pasadena, Ca.
I thought for sure she was painting with Gauche (an opaque watercolor),
but she told me it's acrylic.
I'm loving how she limited her Color Scheme to Monochromatic Blue,
and how wide her range of value is.
This is a remarkable piece Sara.
I bet your instructors there are so impressed with your technical skill levels
 as well as your design skills.
I know I always have been.
I love and miss you so much.


  1. Bookbinding class? Too cool! And the expressiveness of her subjects is smile-inducing. So glad Sarah continues to send her art your way ... and so to us.

    1. I just love that she keeps in touch, I really do miss seeing her on a daily basis and being around her innate creativity. It is such a pleasure watching her work.