Monday, December 10, 2018


There have been several positive and wonderful changes in my children's life this year.
My son is getting married soon and also has a new job with better pay and benefits.
And my daughter has let the nest to try living without parentals.
And for the very first time has hung and put up her own Holiday lites.
She asked her dad to show her how and they worked as a team on this.
I really like her color scheme,
so soothing with the purples, greens, silvers and golds.
what is the name of this Color Scheme.
Tell me on Monday when you walk in the door for extra credit) 
She surprised her dad and I by inviting us over for her home cooking 
and to show off her decorations.
It almost brought a tear to my eye when I saw her place decorated.
I thought she's really growing up and taking on home ownership and big time responsibility.
It just made my heart so happy and put a goofy smile on my face..
Also to see what lovely taste she has in not only her exterior but interior decor as well.
That's my girl.  
And then to the deliciousness.
My ex brought the appetizers
 and I brought the spirits and we settled down to a terrific taco building feast.
She used a favorite recipe of her boyfriend's mother.
She calls them Diana's Tacos.
I personally don't care for the packaged taco seasoning you can buy and add to your ground meat,
and was thrilled to know she seasoned it herself with garlic and onion powder,
salt & pepper and a few chili flakes.
It was scrumptious.
and if you ever read this post when I am dead and gone,
know how very proud of you I am.
And Diana,
I'm going to have to try out your taco recipe.