Monday, September 23, 2013

Newest Sampler Pillow - My Work

I'm so happy with my latest pillow sampler that I finally put together this summer.  I dyed the yarn years ago in a demonstration with food colors for my Intermediate 3-D students, then taught them to knit these 9 different samples.  But I disliked the harsh colors so I just never bothered to finish up the piece.  But this summer I was determined to get pieces finished and now I really love how it looks all together.
What really pulled it all together in my opinion is the yarn I bought to crochet around the edge with the felted flowers.   It was expensive, something like $40 for one skein, but so worth it from Pagewood Farms I believe.


  1. Love it. I would like to try something similar.

  2. I love this pillow - I think the colors and little flowers look great together!