Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Slab Boxes - Student Work

I knew there were more boxes somewhere in my files.  And both of these are masterful so I'm so glad I was able to show them/.  Again, this was the first year I had the kids do collage inlay right over the glazes, and it really worked out well.

Above we have junior Justyn Li.  Notice her carved surface design and the lovely way she glazed with our blue-green glaze and red iron oxide accents.  

This last one by senior Lilith Huang was such a cool but difficult architectural undertaking.  Lilith always goes all out in all her work, she never picks the easy path.  You can she her tissue paper inlay on the sides and top,  and her cute fish stamping as well.  Surface design is stressed in all my classes but especially in clay.  There is nothing more boring then a blank canvas, and I consider clay my canvas.  Check out her locking lid and how she pulled it off.  

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