Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coil Pots - Student work

I'm very excited to share the coil pots made in my Ceramics I class. 

This first one made by senior Lilith Huang is simply gorgeous.  I especially love the two organic holes where we can see the black glaze on the inside.  The holes were not originally part of her design.  She took the pot home one night to finish it up and on the way back to school it fell over in the car and broke into several pieces.  All Lilith's teachers felt so bad for her that they allowed her to spend the whole day in my class putting it back together again.  I took her 8 hours of extreme patience to do it.  The holes resulted in the pieces that just wouldn't go back together again.  I'm glad they didn't, it looks so amazing just the way it is.  

Sorry about the color quality on this next beauty by senior Nikki Shah.  going to try to retake the pix tomorrow.  Anyways, this piece has so much movement and flows so nicely all the way around.  And the ending is brilliant Nikki.  Way to go with your remarkable design skills.  

In this big beauty by junior Justyn Li, she is trying to give the impression of  a lily pond.   I feel she has succeeded, including the feeling of rippling water.  Not many could have pulled this off Justyn!

Senior Sandra Osaji really got into the building of her pot.  She shows us great design with impeccable craftsmanship, and a lovely ending as well.

Senior Sophia Lu went to town building her piece.  I find it really interesting that she used two different color clay bodies then shows it off with a transparent glaze.

Junior Aditi brings us a lot of rhythm and movement with her coil work.  I wish I'd have taken a pix of the other side so you could have seen the visual flow around the piece.    

This pot by junior Carol Oh has been built with our white clay body, Arctic White.   When you glaze it with transparent it really is a spectacular look as you can see here.
I especially love this close-up of Carol's piece.

This work, by senior Emmerline Kim, is so lovely.  I love the asymmetry of the form and the way she glazed it.

And this last one by senior Kristen Palmer, is one of my all time favorite coil pots.  So unique, such simplicity but so powerful.  A brilliant design kiddo!


  1. I just have to comment-what stunning work! Your students are way beyond high school work-these are all gallery quality. Fantastic-and inspiring.

  2. How are your students glazing them? Brush on and wipe off? What about the green one? Love the work!!!

  3. I love the shimmering pastel glaze. What recipe did you use and what cone is it fired to?