Thursday, May 19, 2011


Oh yeah, I'm back in business! Thanks again Harry for all your help getting this blog functioning again. Melissa from Orange High School right outside of Cleveland, Ohio, these are for you and your students. Melissa's ceramic student found my blog when researching coil pots, and Melissa wanted to know more about how I start the assignment and about our glazes. So I thought I'd show off my itsy bitsy coil pots that I make when I demo the coiling technique to my kids.
The one on the left is only about an inch and a half tall and wide while the one on the right is about 2 1/2" by 2 1/2". Tiny little things that I can whip together in less then an hour. I try to go for spontaneity as I coil with a lot of overlapping areas as well as a bit of stamping, since I don't want the students work to look to rigid. Then I like both oxide finishes like the one on the left as well as glazing on the right. Always a tough choice. Hope your students stay tuned in Melissa for more clay pieces. And Melissa, I finally mailed out the ceramics outline for all levels yesterday. Hope they are of some help.

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