Monday, October 18, 2010

The Start of the New School Year 2010-2011

Woo-Hoo, I'm finally there, I get to start showing off my new students and their art work. I like to begin my Intermediate and Advanced 3-d classes with a fiber unit, so above my 3rd year Advanced kids are learning how to spin their own hand dyed wool roving on a spinning wheel. In the first year class they learned to spin on coat wire hooks I made for them. From left to right are seniors Angeline Tran, Olivia Hill and Breena Jhong. They are spinning on 2 of my Ashford wheels, and my new baby, my Kromski Sonata. My other wheel, my Schaht, is on overnight checkout with senior Brittaney Lee, who over this last summer has become a prolific spinner and is crocheting granny squares with her beautiful hand spun yarns.

My intermediate kids started their fiber unit with handmade knitting needles that they created by sawing up wooden dowels, sandpaper, shoe polish, and Polymer clay knobs. Then I gave them each a skein of Knit Picks Super Wash Merino yarn and they used acid dyes (kool aid and cake frosting pigments) to color them with. The finished products are above and below. The yarns and needles were done by junior Nandi Best. Look at her attention to detail in the patterning she worked out in her knobs, brilliant work! And notice how her yarns flow visually with the colors in her knobs. Those sure would make a swell Xmas present for your favorite teacher, Nandi. Hint , hint. LOL So as always, we are off to a terrific year.

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