Monday, October 4, 2010

Lump Boxes - Student Art

One of my beginning clay kids favorite assignments are the Japanese inspired Lump Boxes. Made from a solid block of clay, the students form the outside first by paddling the clay. I ask them to try for a form that is somewhat asymmetrical. When satisfied they slice off the top portion then begin to carve out the insides. They also carve out the inside of the lid, and figure out a way to hinge it or lock it back onto the box either in the plastic stage or after glazing. The piece I'm featuring above by junior Michael Clark last year, went way beyond the minimum requirements. Not only did he make a very cool lump box but he suspended it with coils, so that he ended up with a very sculptural but functional work. Wow!!! A close up for you below. It's no surprise that Michael wants to be a structural engineer.

These next 6 pieces were beautifully made as well. Look at the variety of organic and geometric forms, along with their lid solutions, and of course the way they finished them off with either glaze, oxides or both. The top 3 belong to last years seniors Tricia Hanamoto, Bryant Min and Vanessa Mansilla, and the bottom 3 were created by seniors Justin Currlin, Chris Shishado, and Heidi Aguilar.

This next gorgeous box (above)belongs to junior Tiffany Wang (again these are students from last years class). Look at how cleverly she hid her locking lid. And the 3 below were handbuilt by seniors Jennifer Su, Erin Unson and Jason Lee.

These next 2 (above and below) were created 2 years ago and I'm sorry to say that I've lost track of who made them. But they are both great examples to share.

And this last little cutie was made by junior Typhena Liu, who I wish so badly would have been able to work me into her schedule this year. Everything she produced was wonderful last year.

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  1. These are great, such beautiful shapes and colours.

    C x