Sunday, July 7, 2024


The last pix I posted of lil E was at the end of March on Easter Sunday
when he was 5 months old.

Well here is our cutie patootie at 6 months.
Even though his hair is getting longer in front,
he is loosing small patches of it here and there.
My son's hair did the same at that age only it looked much worst.
Kind of resembled a sumo wrestler.
Ha ha!
Easton wakes up with big smiles for his parentals every morning.
Below was shot right before they had to lower his mattress for the first time.
You can akso see below that his tiny bald patches are filling in
 as he approaches 7 months.
We have him on my baby blanket from 1956.
My mother saved it,
 and then when she passed I found it among her things in 2013,
and of course my two were too old for it,
so I saved it for my first grand.
Those eyes, right??

At 7 months he has really figured out
 what his cubby little legs are for.
Not crawling forward yet, 
just backwards a bit,
and pulling himself up to a standing position 
but then boom right back down.
His abs are getting so strong.
His bubbly personality is really shining thru.
 He's also discovered real food.
He's still loving a bottle and binky,
and drooling like crazy.
Trying so badly to cut his first tooth.
And he rarely cries,
one of the happiest, sweetest little ones I've ever known.
Am I a bit biased,
you betcha!
But that's who he really is.
An easy baby!
I'm averaging usually 2 nights a week of babysitting.
Both parents work late into the night which works great for me
 as I'm a night owl.
I love giving him a bath and putting him to sleep.
It seems I can hold him for hours in my arms as he naps 
and I never want to put him down.
And goodness,
 what a snuggly bunny he is!
When I do put him down for the night it's right next to me on the couch 
till either mom or dad gets in.
His best buddies are right there with him.
First we have Miss Tatum who thinks Easton is her baby 
and is constantly checking on his well being and giving big licks.
She loves cleaning his face after every meal.
And even bigger, sloppier licks come from dog daddy Kepler,
a huge brown Lab.
He loves this little guy too,
and as you can see wants to always be by his side touching him in some way.
Then there is Granger, the Blue Healer, the meanie,
who wants nothing to do with the little fella. 
But because he is black and white,
Easton wants to get his attention the most.

At 8 months his looks are really changing.
He's filled out into his pudgy self, 
and his hair is sprouting out everywhere 
and getting blonder from the summer sun
Just like his mommy's does. 
He's becoming so very expressive and animated.
And there is serious teething going on.
In fact,
 this week he finally cut this first tooth and it is sharp!
I read on social media that if you give babies the inner core of a pineapple,
it's the perfect teething stick as you can see.
And it numbs his gums at the same time.
I hate cutting up a pineapple,
but for this little love bug,
At 8 months he loves the camera and will sit patiently as you snap away.
And he has become so much fun to play with.
He wants to stand up constantly and explore surfaces where he doesn't belong,
so when I babysit I surround him with age appropriate taller toys 
that he moves from one to the other on his tip toes.
He pulls himself up so quickly from a kneeling or sitting position
 so you can't take your eyes off him, 
because there is still a lot of tipping over.

My daughter Dani has been taking him to swim lessons and he loves the pool,
and thinks his bath is a pool as well.  
He is a powerful kicker and wants to take off.
He's even been in the Colorado River boating and swimming 
with his parents, cousin, aunts and uncle and other set of Grands.
He goes early every morning in his jammies
with his mom and dad to the cross fit gym, 
and has since his birth.  
He is their honorary gym baby mascot.
You can see he has recently found the kettle bells
 and is practicing his balancing act.
So proud of himself!

Fourth of July was hot here,
in the low 90's with high humidity this year.
He accompanied his parents to several swim parties 
in his adorable little man outfit for the 4th.
He also is doing the cutest thing with his hands.
See below.
Holding them together as he tries very hard to understand 
what you are telling him.
Easton loves studying our mouth movements and sounds.
Dada is down and now we are working on "Mama", "Oh" and "Baba".
And of course he's making a lot of funny noises with his throat, lips and tongue.
Raspberry noises are his fav along with tapping his hand over his open mouth.
He started that this week.

And about two weeks ago he finally figured out "the Crawl".
And man oh man,
 is he a busy little rascal now.
He is super fast with his favorite destinations being the dog's water dish,
the wheels on his stroller,
the doggie door that leads out onto the patio, 
and the diaper pail. 
But his favorite place of all are the toilets.  
A fascinating discovery for him.
He loves using his hands and seems to already be very mechanical.
And that handle on the toilet is just irresistible!
Caught ya!


  1. Oh my goodness, Deb ... what a wonderful time-traveling photojourney ... Easton has the most wonderful eyebrows, making his face so expressive ... and goodness, I believe with all my heart that you can never hold a baby too much or too long ... that time is too precious to waste a single minute

    1. Oh boy Liz, do I agree with you. And it was so fun to put this together. But way too many pix to choose from. He gave me his first sweet kiss on the lips Sat. night. It was the best!