Sunday, June 5, 2022


A few weeks ago I showed this wheel from an ex student,
 missing some parts and in need of some tender loving care.
My husband and I took most of it apart,
and I gave it a good rubbing and cleaning with linseed oil.
My husband fabricated the parts of the treadle that were missing
and we put it back together again.
Then of course I had to give it a test drive.
I used some beautifully soft and clean Blue Faced Leister roving
from Capistrano Fiber Arts and the old gal is as good as new.

Now I think I'll mordant the skein and put it in a solar dye jar with some lovely pink and purple fushias I've been saving.
Have never dyed with those before.


  1. I am beyond impressed that you dis- and then re-assembled a spinning wheel ... with lovely end results, I must say

    1. It was so enjoyable that I think I'll clean my other wheels as well.. . ha ha!