Wednesday, November 24, 2021


to all my ex-students who continue to check on me, 
visit me
 and be in my life.
Because of technology it makes it so easy to keep in touch.
I'm so thankful for that.

Here is Alumni Nicholas Tudor,
 who I believe graduated in 2013ish, 
who came to visit with his his lovely girlfriend.
Nick had taken Ceramics I & II with me 
and hadn't thrown on the potters wheel since he graduated.
He was curious if he remembered how to do it.
Learning to throw a pot is an incredibly difficult global skill to learn,
thus it's the same as riding a bike.
Once you learn,
 your muscles remember the steps and feeling.
So as you can see Nick took to it like a duck to water as they say.
Just look at that smile on his face.
Doesn't get any better!

Here I am with art alum as well as Art Instructor,
 Jordan Joyce.
I believe he graduated Whitney in 2011 0r 2012.
He went on to study art at Cal State Long Beach with famed Fiber Artist
Carol Shaw-Sutton.
I ran into Jordan at the retirement party of our beloved Drama Teacher,
Jodi Improta.
He participated in several of Jodi's productions
and he is the grandson of one of our favorite retired teachers and administrators,
Gary McHatton 
It was wonderful to catch up with him.
I was so hoping he would be the one to take over for me when I retired.
He really wanted to come back to Whitney to teach
 since her practically grew up there,
hanging out as a youngster with his Grandpa.
But it was not to be,
our Principal had other ideas.
 Jordan was hired to teach art at a High School in Azusa, Ca.
which is a town right below the San Gabriel Mountains (near Pasadena)
So I'm thrilled for him and he's on his way. 
I've known Jordan since he was in Elementary School,
 and taught him art from 7th grade until he graduated Whitney,
6 years.

Happy Thanksgiving and much love to my thousands of art students around the whirled.
You will always be in my heart.

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