Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Saori loom, weaving fibers & tools, sewing notions

Today we take a look at what senior Jacqueline Yu has created with her woven Saori cloth.
A super cool summer top.
She poured thru several Japanese pattern books showing garments made with Saori woven fibers,
and picked out this pattern then made it her own with a few adjustments.
She plotted out the exact lengths she'd need to make it happen,
and choose her colors.
like Shreya,
 also decided on a mostly neutral palette but decided to throw in a burnt orange
which gave it so much vibrancy.
She used a leather tie for the straps
and a sewing machine to put it together with.
This is Jac's first time to make a piece of clothing for herself 
since we no longer offer Home Ec. anymore
(what a shame),
and I felt she both enjoyed it but was also challenged by it as well. 

The side view is terrific.
Her challenges came in the back.
The pattern called for a looser fitting style,
but she wanted a more form fitting silhouette. 
She put in a couple of darts across the shoulder blades
as well as two elongated darts thru the waist area.

What we didn't do before we put this up for Open House and photograph it 
was to wash it to soften it up thru back neck and dart areas.
I'm hoping you wore this beautiful piece thru the summer Jac.

I'm been so very proud to share all that you and Shreya have made this last year,
and miss you both so much.
Can't wait to hear how your first year in college has gone.


  1. Another beautiful piece of cloth ... I dare to offer a caution to both weavers: even if fashions and/or your tastes change, please hold on to the cloth. I am 40+ years ahead of you in the life game and just incorporated a piece of stitch made by my 17 year old self into a bag I made last week. I wish I had saved more ...

    1. Great advice Liz, me too. The cool things from the 70's that I should have saved!