Thursday, June 2, 2016


Juniors Jacqueline Yu and Shreya Sheth,
both Intermediate 3-D artists,
recently went to visit the District Art Show for Extra Credit

Here they are standing by one of their favorite projects of the year,
the Tapestry Woven Eco-Dyed Banners.
(middle of wall)

To get the Extra Credit 
they were required to take a pix of themselves next to their favorite pieces at the show.
Shreya picked a piece by one of our seniors,
Bernice Lin,
and Jac picked a work by a student at Cerritos High School
(which was also a fav of mine)

Notice that both girls are enjoying themselves trying to pose like their favorite pieces.
(below Shreya with another fav from Cerritos High)

Looking forward to working with these two cutie pies next year in the third level 3-D class.

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