Monday, July 26, 2010

My Florida Adventure - Part III

I saved the trees and plants for last. There were so many tropical species to photo, these were some of my favorites. Loved the bush above with it's complimentary color scheme of the pinks, reds and greens. I actually tried growing this plant in my Yorba Linda home but it was too fragile and I couldn't keep it alive. Bette and Vinny have these bushes growing all along the front of their home. They give off a very soft and lacy appearance. One of my favorite trees was the one below. I loved the shape of it's leaves along with it's vein structure. If you look close you can see the grapes. One of my blog readers tells me this tree is called a Sea Grape. Makes so much sense since it was at the edge of the beach and had grapes hanging from it :)

Above is a bromeliad, there were so many different varieties there and they were all blooming. It was spectacular. They love the tropical climate as do the anthuriums below.

Don't know what species these are above but they look very familiar to some house plants I've seen here. And the bush below had these crazy blossoms, I think this might be a ginger plant but I'm not sure. I just know it was very cool.

Below is the roadway leading to the Intracoastal and Jupiter Island. The trees were so big and lush with such interesting trunks. Again one of my blog readers says these are Banyan Trees. Thanks! When I got out of the car to shot the pix I also shot the jungle (above) that was to the right and left of the trees. It was kinda scary. Who knows what was lurking inside there?

I couldn't get over how interesting these tree trunks were. I shot them from many angles. I also loved seeing the moss growing on the bark.

Jimmy told me to shot this cool shot by looking up. It's probably one of my favorite pix of the whole bunch. I hope you enjoyed them. Can't wait to be off on another adventure. :)


  1. Some nice photographs there especially the tree.
    Wonder how old that is.
    Thats a beautiful road to drive down.

  2. Great pictures! The first tree is a Sea Grape and the last one is a Banyan Tree.