Thursday, May 11, 2017


watercolors on watercolor paper & pen & ink, colored pencils

this is my fond farewell to you,
my 2nd Quarter cuties.
So many of you have so much artsy fartsy in you,
 and I hope you will be back next year for more art classes.
And if not next year, 
when you have room in your 11th & 12th grade years.
Let's take a look at how you put all your learning into your final.

Loreinice Zilabbo  & Janice Ji both chose to work in a Primary Color Scheme.
What's really "spicy" (Eric  :) when you do that with watercolor and use this wet into wet technique is the 3 primaries mix and create secondaries, intermediates and brown.
The whole color wheel plus its neutral.
Loving these!

Super sweet Emma Bertel,
took a really cool approach to this design.
She was able to figure how how to interconnect all her creatures which impressed me greatly.

And Felica Hildago & Samantha Catacutan 
both chose to work to the Cool side of the color wheel for one really soft & atmospheric design,
and one really intense and striking design.

And then there is Siddhant Watwani who surprised not only himself but the rest of us as well.
He was able to focus for an entire hour and a half,
 working diligently and creatively on his final.
Who knew?

Amy Wang put tons of energy into her piece with several really awesome focal points,
and Anushka Panjwani really takes off as well using lines with lots of energy.
Again both girls working with the cool side of the wheel.

Thank you all for your effort,
but more importantly on a personal level,
thank you for coming in to check on me after my fall.
You support, hugs and love helped me heal faster so I could get back to work,
doing what I love to do,
teach art.


  1. I confess I had a lot of fun scrolling up and down through this post, watching the colors blend together. That your students stopped long enough (1 1/2 hours!) to ferret out the figures depicted here is a wonder. Kudos to all!